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The Barker School of Ballet Family

The unique aspect of the Barker studio is it's long standing history in the community of Wayland and surrounding towns. Allen and Neta Barker have taught many students from Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, Concord and Framingham. Allen held student piano recitals upstairs in the Barker home, Parmenter Hospice and Traditions in Wayland. Neta is a “ballet grandmother” teaching students of students she had many years ago. The Barker's toured in 1973 as a family to Richmond, Virginia where they taught ballet classes to 1700 students. Among the dances they performed in the final performance was a collaboration where Neta, Allyson and Noble traded places, dancing and playing 4 hand with Allen. Both children, Noble and Allyson continued to pursue a career in ballet.

Allen Barker was a renowned concert pianist and piano teacher. He was a graduate of Yale University and received his Master Degree at the New England Conservatory. He made his concert debut at Jordan Hall in Boston and also played at Carnegie Hall in New York. He toured throughout Europe and the United States. As a piano teacher he had over 40 students who he taught in the Barker home. The ballet studio is next to the Barker home which allowed some students to take their piano lesson and ballet lesson all in the same place. He was also the founder of the Wayland Little Theatre Concert Series. This concert series continued to exist even after his passing in 2008. He was also known as Lester Farnsworth the artist and he had several shows at the Wayland Library.

Noble Barker was a ballet dancer and toured with several ballet companies. He became a dancer at the age of 20. He began his physical training as a weight lifter but eventually found ballet to be more physically pleasing. He also was a renowned choreographer, choreographing for Hartford Ballet, Connecticut Ballet and New Haven Ballet to name a few. He was also the artistic director for New Haven Ballet. Noble and Allyson worked together for 15 years at New Haven Ballet before she left in 1996 to join her mother at the Barker School of Ballet in Wayland.

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