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Read some essays our students have written about their experience at Barket Ballet.


Dear Allyson and Neta:
This past year (2015-2016), I had the pleasure of dropping off my 7-year-old granddaughter to practice every Tuesday afternoon. I got a "lift" (no pun intended) from watching the girls giggle and wiggle as they prepared for class, but then get down to business with you for ballet practice, beginning their stretches without being told, and obviously enjoying their hour of ballet. Your studio seemed to be a refuge from school and homework, siblings and even parents, as they concentrated on their dance. I was impressed weekly.

And then I watched the final performance in late spring, which was a gorgeous culmination of all they had learned, including the ability to work with other students younger and older. The music and choreography were delightful; the athletic abilities of the dancers notable; and the smiles on their faces genuine.

Congratulations! I'm so glad that my granddaughter is part of Barker School of Ballet. I know the lessons she continues to learn with you - grace, concentration, responsibility, athleticism, flexibility - will remain with Sophie her entire life.

I wanted to thank you again today for such a wonderful class for the 3 year olds. I was very impressed with the format and your skills keeping the girls following the lesson, just terrific and we look forward to the classes ahead!


Thank you so much for the wonderful dance class today! Libby had a wonderful time, has been dancing since we got home and insisted on being the "ballet teacher" when her daddy got home so that she could teach him all of her new moves. You made quite the impression!

Best wishes and thank you again for a wonderful first class.


Dear Allyson and Neta,
Sophie's Nana and Baba attended yesterday's performance and we loved it from start to finish! As retired teachers, my husband a music teacher who directed many children's play/musicals at his school, we can appreciate well organized and timed events such as the program yesterday. Here are a few points we loved: see each season flow into the other added continuity.
..the senior girls participating throughout showcased their advanced skills and showed the audience different abilities at the same time: excellent
..I noticed the older girls all had wonderful smiles, so nice to see. The younger ones not so much but understandably they could only concentrate on one thing at a time. :)
..choreography/ dance moves were wonderful!
..the length of the program was just right!
..costumes glorious depicting the seasons!
..the pictures displayed on the screen added a nice background the end, I liked the praise you gave the 4 girls who never missed a practice. Hopefully it instilled in others- the importance of commitment

Nice job ladies! Pam H.

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